June 2, 2013


Lucid Green, 2013, Artist Book, Deluxe Edition of 5, in cast acrylic wall mounted case

Lucid Green by Paula Hayes, 2013, relies equally on image, typography and word to create a poetic place in which the reader is invited to enter through the various means the book offers as a portal. Every aspect of the book offers carefully nuanced details of the experience of Lucid Green; a nature sanctuary set in an unknown time in the future. That future is a type of space and time that is different than the one we are in when we read the book, we are told, by the book’s main character, Jill Poet. Jill is a being from another planet named Thear, who has come to Earth after an event called The Disappearance.

The book’s 3 chapters; 1) Jill Poet, 2) The Disappearance and 3) Wonder, bring the reader to an expression of ambiguity and surrender while feeling deep love, as a visitor, for a dying planet.

Lucid Green Album

“If These Sentences Wash Away” (exceprt from Teo Camporeale’s sound piece)

“How Can You Sleep?”